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Permanent Supportive Housing

Permanent Supportive Housing
Head of the medical team: Dr. Nicola Maresca

Located on the 2nd floor of building C, the Permanent Supportive Housing Unit has twenty beds with rooms of two beds. All rooms have a private bathroom, air conditioning, television and a cupboard for patients’ clothes.

There are also spaces for relatives, for meeting the care team and for moments of relaxation.
Hours Access / Visiting:
Depending on the type of user, visiting hours and the assistance of a spouse can be agreed with doctors.
Who it is for

Permanent Supportive Housing is for people who are in prolonged states of impaired consciousness (so­called “vegetative states” and “minimum states of consciousness”), whose needs for rehabilitation are limited as opposed to the need for nursing.

Access mode is based on the consent of the territorial Multidimensional Assessment Unit of ASL (local Clinical Commissioning Group) by mutual consent with the director of the facility.

It can be proposed:

  • directly from intensive and extensive rehabilitation units;
  • by rehabilitation facilities for severe brain injuries;
  • by relatives for “periods of relief”.
Access mode for relatives

For safety reasons it is absolutely forbidden to enter the department with electronic instruments (phone, tablet, etc.) and jewellery (rings, necklaces, earrings, etc.).  In the case of infection of the upper airways (colds, flu) you have to wear a disposable mask (on the shelf near the overshoes).


Dr. Nicola Maresca
Head of Permanent Supportive Housing
Anna Greco
Coordinator Permanent Supportive Housing
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