Ricerca Medico
The Fundamentals

Any service provided by Villa dei Fiori srl  is based on the principles for protection established in the User directive of the Prime Minister on 27 January 1994 and the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 19 May 1995, as follows:


The services offered are in compliance with respect for the dignity of the person without distinction of sex, race, nationality, religion, language, political and economic conditions.

In all the activities carried out by our staff we avoid attitudes of partiality and injustice: that principle extends to all treatments.

Services of the clinic are provided on a regular and continuous basis except in cases where abstentions from these services are regulated or announced officially by law relevant to the organisational aspects of the service. In this case the Villa dei Fiori will adopt immediate measures to avoid or reduce any inconvenience.

Right choice

The user can freely choose the health facility to which want to access  on the country. Villa dei Fiori allows you to exercise this right through an organizational flexibility and a direct contact with other providers of services in the territory. Through informed consent, the user is able to make a clear choice in relation to alternative modes (equally effective) of hospitalization and diagnostic-therapeutic procedure.

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