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Located on the 2nd floor of Building A, the Neonatology Unit has 8 incubators with monitoring and respiratory care.
The non­resident parents of pathological patients can use a locked cabinet to store their belongings during the period of hospitalisation.
Services for the hospitalised
  • Activities of department
  • First Aid Activities
  • Neonatology
  • Pediatric Emergency Medical Care H24
  • Assistance to newborns in the Delivery Room and Operating Room


Neonatology Live

Services for external user
  • Follow­up after discharge (free)
  • Cerebral echo with doctor’s prescription
Access mode for relatives

 For safety reasons it is absolutely forbidden to enter the department with electronic instruments (phone, tablet, etc.) and jewellery (rings, necklaces, earrings, etc.).

You need to wear a white coat that will be provided on first entry. At the end of the visit it must be put on a clothes stand.

You must wear galoshes that will be provided. After the visit they should be thrown into the bin.

In the case of infection of the upper airways (colds, flu) you have to wear a disposable mask (on the shelf near the overshoes).

Access is allowed only to one visitor at a time, except in special cases where the doctor will give authorisation.

Si avvisano i Sigg. Utenti che le prenotazioni telefoniche presso il CUP possono essere effettuate dalle 08:30 alle 13:00 e dalle 13:30 alle 15:30 dal lunedì al venerdì allo 081 885 7584. Grazie per la collaborazione.Chiama ora