Ricerca Medico
Emergency Room

Head of the medical team: Dr. V. Tedeschi (Clinical Commissioning Group North Naples)

Located on the ground floor of building B, the First Aid Unit has four visiting points for White, Green and Yellow Code, two visiting points for Red Code as well as 3 beds in the emergency room.
Access to the ER
  • Reception
  • Diagnostic definition and determination of the urgency level
  • Visit and request of some urgent inquiries
  • Control and stabilisation of vital signs
  • Possible admission, discharge or transfer protected

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Codice Rosso


In life­threatening cases, patients will be examined immediately.

Codice Giallo


In cases of serious injury and possible alteration of one or more vital functions (consciousness, respiration, circulation), assistance is guaranteed by the staff as quickly as possible.

Codice Verde

Deferrable Emergency

In cases which are not life-threatening to the patient, assistance is assured after the most urgent cases. Where there are some severe symptoms but the condition is not serious, assistance is assured after the critical cases.

Codice Bianco

Non Urgent

These are cases in which patients have minor issues that should be resolved by the attending physician, their own doctor or in specialist outpatient Clinics. Waiting times may be very long because staff must prioritise the more urgent cases.

Dr. V. Tedeschi
Head of Emergency room
Enrico Colosimo
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