Ricerca Medico
Clinical laboratory analysis
Head of the medical team: Renata Guarini
Samples must be taken to the sampling room Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 am to 10:00 am.
Time of release of medical reports and tests: at the Endoscopy Service after 4:00 pm
Payable benefits
  • Operative Unit Laboratory Diagnostics performs, besides the routine tests, an extensive menu of specialised tests that monitor drugs (cocaine, benzodiazepines, opiates, morphine) and risks of pregnancy (TORCH etc.), detect thyroid function and gonadal, control tumour markers, hepatitis and immune deficiencies, follow diabetic and cardiac profile and coagulation.
  • All services are performed both for hospitalised patients and for external users. All outpatient services are subject to the ticket in accordance with the tariff system.
  • The laboratory performs tests in accordance with Quality Control (control of precision and accuracy), and – according to international standards – making an internal evaluation of quality with samples of known concentration. It also participates in external evaluation of quality programs (Biorad; Dasit).


 For more information contact Unique Reservation Centre (CUP).
Laboratory Diagnostics and Clinical Chemistry
Clinical Chemistry
Dr. Renata Guarini
Head of medical team
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