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Who we are

The activity of the private clinic Villa dei Fiori dates back to the nursing home’s foundation in 1962 by a group of medical specialists who wanted to give communities around northern Naples a well-equipped hospital specialising in surgery and gynecology. In recent years the nursing home has expanded its range of specialties and has completely changed its architectural structure and organisation.

An innovative process has been started – fed by new ideas, new initiatives and methodologies – that has repositioned the building, bringing the service closer to users within the emergency regional circuit.

The property covers 18,000 square metres of which 6,000 are inside, divided into two care units which are linked in terms of organisation and structure. They are the Medical Surgery area and the Rehabilitation area.

The clinic belongs to the AIOP (Italian Association of Private Hospitals) and to the Industrial Union of Naples.

A Quality Management System has been implemented according to Norma UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 both for the Medical­Surgical sector and the Rehabilitation sector. The ongoing rationalisation of internal processes led to a reduction in waste and inefficiency, thus perceptibly improving client satisfaction.

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